Letter from the CEO

Welcome to “Our World” and thank you for taking some time to get to know our company.

LAM’s history dates back to 1944, when Mr. Lyonel Antoine Makzume (LAM) established a small shipping agency and worked as its sole employee. He had plenty of courage, a dream to be his own boss and the responsibility to care for his young family. He was thirty one and had spent four long years in the military, protecting the borders of his country.

The small shipping agency grew and metamorphosed in a group of companies that today operates currently in 4 continents and 17 countries.

We do not plan to stop until we can proudly say that the small company our grand father founded turns into a global corporation. Our path will not be easy, yet with determination, hard work and foremost by placing our clients and customers first we will move firmly forward towards our objective.

We source our courage from the relationships we create, hence we grow with our people, our clients, our customers as well as our partners and suppliers.

Thank you for visiting.

Keep following us!

Timur Makzume

History of LAM

The roots of the Makzume family have been tied to transportation from time immemorial. Our earliest records show that already in 600 AD, the Makzume family was already active in war and caravan issues, which were the most important sectors of those great times. For thousands of years the Ban’i Makhzoumi have been an active family in the lands spanning from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, a land known today as the Levant.

A thousand and more years later, in 1870, we trace the arrival of the young Antoine Makzume to the Ottoman city of Iskenderun from his birth city of Alexandria (Egypt). His linguistic skills and his dedication to hard work allow him to become an active professional in the fields of transport, a dynamic sector in this eastern Anatolian port city, serving as a gate to the eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

Upon successful studies in Aix-en-Provence, France, three of his sons will return and establish shipping and transport related businesses in various cities of the Levant such as Beirut, Lattakia and Iskenderun. The youngest of them, Lyonel, will open in 1944, in Iskenderun, a small shipping agency bearing his own name: Lyonel A. Makzume Shipping Agencies Co. or as he liked to call it, LAM.

Corporate Identity

Who We Are

LAM represents the initials of our founder, Mr. Lyonel Antoine Makzume. Thanks to a reputation acquired through almost a century, the name Makzume has become a brand name closely associated with confidence, professionalism, credibility and ethics.

What We Do

As a global transport solution provider, we assist our solution partners, clients and customers ease and advance the process of their businesses. Hence we are proud of being able to offer all our customers dedicated services on international and regional levels thanks to a dynamic and professional team with the same work ethics.

Core Principles


The Brand

Land, Air, Maritime are the three spaces we evolve in. They are also three of the four elements that are Earth, Air and Water. The ARCTIC TERN in our logo, a gracious and beautiful animal, symbolizes our company in terms of being agile on the three elements and represents movement [walk, fly, swim], regularity [migration], distance [the longest distance covered in the animal kingdom].
Information on “The ARCTIC TERN” (STERNA PARADISAEA)The ARCTIC TERN is a seabird that has a circumpolar breeding distribution covering the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. The species is strongly migratory, seeing two summers each year as it migrates along a convoluted route from its northern breeding grounds to the Antarctic coast. These are by far the longest migrations known in the animal kingdom.